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We are seeking a highly skilled, creative and energetic Front End Developer to join our development team. As a Front-end Developer you will provide UI development expertise on a collaborative team, using your technical skills to develop, modify, and maintain our web-based applications. You will be able to use your development skills to set standards, improve our user’s experience and reinforce consistency across all devices. You’ll come in every day ready to tackle interesting, challenging work.


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  • Experienced professionals

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  • Project Development
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  • Analyze the existent web systems and propose ways to improve its performance, rendering and traffic-response (Optimize web applications)
  • Create quality POC’s and mockups
  • Implement mockups and proves of concept based on UI/UX designs and wireframes
  • Contribute to the standardization and intra-company web frameworks creation and maintenance
  • Participate in planning activities, collaborate and coordinates the efforts across development teams.
  • Provide suggestions and adjustments as needed to deliver quality software within project scope and timeframes
  • Promote and perform development work consistent with industry standards and best practices; design interfaces and integrations
  • Perform unit testing and support test/validation cycles
  • Works closely with QA group to ensure solutions meet company Quality Standards.
  • Apply continuous integration and continuous delivery techniques.
  • Work on R&D activities and prototypes
  • Support the systems once they are up and running.
  • Thorough detail-oriented attention in designing, coding, and testing
  • Solid foundation in design patterns, performance and solution engineering.
  • Analyze business requirements and user needs to determine technical design
  • Excellent communication skills, able to work collaboratively with design team, content specialists, and software development teams
  • Review and discuss technical designs with client architects
  • Ensure optimization of designs/solutions, championing standard processes and procedures, and providing troubleshooting for development and test environment issues
  • 4 – 7 years of web development hands-on experience
  • Expert knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  • High Competency in JavaScript ES6/7/8, front-end frameworks (mainly React, also AngularJS / Angular 5/6) and knowledge on functional programming principles.
  • Experience with build systems and loaders such as Webpack, redux, Node JS
  • Experience with front-end unit testing frameworks such as Karma and Mocha
  • Experience working with both REST architecture and SOAP services
  • Experience working with JavaScript debugging tools such like Chrome Developer Console
  • Demonstrable skills building responsive user interfaces and data visualization
  • Familiarity with SASS and CSS preprocessors
  • Strong OO design skills and implementation of design patterns
  • Experience working with version control tools such as GIT
  • Ability to satisfy complex business requirements through simple design and execution.
  • Detailed oriented, self-driven, self-motivated and proactive.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Web Development, Web Design, Interactive Design or a related field