Fast data in industry

Real-time data is a key asset in industry, offering decisive competitive advantage as it allows you to react much faster to change, detect problems in time and act immediately. Fast-data technologies are the natural evolution of big-data architectures, where it is no longer only important to be able to process and analyse large volumes of data, but also to do so just as quickly as data is generated.

Join our free-of-charge webinar and explore how fast-data technology enables you to transform and adapt your business quickly to a rapidly changing world:

Date: Wednesday, 3rd March, 04:00 - 05:00 PM CET
Speaker: Pedro Nieto Peláez - Senior Software Engineer and fast-data expert

In this session, our fast-data expert Pedro Nieto Peláez, Senior Software Engineer at GFT, will give exciting insights into GFT technology architecture based on practical business cases.

Learn about the functional elements that should be integrated into fast-data solutions and the technology stack that allow them to be implemented. Hear about fascinating business cases that demonstrate how fast data enables smart products, facilitates smart production and generates a deeper understanding of customer behaviour.

This is an ideal opportunity to catch up with industry developments, discuss your own questions with our expert and boost your business in the long term. Register now!