Analyst Reports

GFT Technologies provides the following information on analyst assessments of the GFT share without any obligation. They are not the result of our own investigations. The information and analyst assessments are based on research, reports, recommendations or evaluations by third parties and are provided for information purposes only. The reports do not constitute a recommendation to buy, hold or sell securities of GFT Technologies SE. All liability is excluded.


GFT Technologies SE explicitly states that, unless otherwise indicated, all relationships and circumstances which can be expected to impair the objective presentation of the analyst reports, including any interests or conflicts of interest with regard to the GFT share, are stated in the analyst reports.

Analyst reports 2020

Date Rating Target price Institute Download
03/19/2020 Buy €13.20 Pareto Download
03/06/2020 Buy €15.00 KeplerCheuvreux Download
03/05/2020 Buy €12.00 Warburg Download
03/05/2020 Buy €12.50 Quirin Download
01/30/2020 Buy €15.00 KeplerCheuvreux Download



Analyst reports 2019

Date Rating Target price Institute Download
09/12/2019 Buy €13.50 Pareto Download
08/11/2019 Hold €8.00 Kepler Cheuvreux Download
07/11/2019 Buy €12.50 Quirin Download
07/11/2019 Buy €12.00 Warburg Download
07/11/2019 - - Pareto Download
09/08/2019 Hold €8.00 Kepler Cheuvreux Download
08/08/2019 - - Pareto Download
08/08/2019 Buy €12.00 Warburg Download
08/08/2019 Buy €12.50 Quirin Download
16/05/2019 Hold €10.00 Kepler Cheuvreux Download
13/05/2019 Buy €11.50 Quirin Download
09/05/2019 - - Pareto Download
09/05/2019 Buy €12.00 Warburg Download
05/03/2019 Buy €12.00 Warburg Download
04/03/2019 Hold €10.00 Kepler Cheuvreux Download
04/03/2019 Buy €12.00 Pareto Download
28/02/2019 Buy €11.50 Quirin Download