Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the contribution we, the GFT Group, make to sustainable development. We regard sustainability as an integral part of our business model and our corporate strategy.

Sustainable management means for us:

  • creating shared value for GFT, our stakeholders and society,

  • value protection through avoiding negative impacts on business as well as negative impacts of our business activities on society.

Responsibly shaping the digital future – our sustainability strategy is a clear commitment to our stakeholders and society.


Our understanding of sustainability is anchored in our mission and our values:

  • For us, sustainability means achieving long-term profitable growth.

  • We can only be successful if we take due account of the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. The most important stakeholders are our clients, employees and shareholders, as well as our suppliers and partners.

  • GFT “produces” intangible assets: IT services. In this knowledge-based production process, the most important resources are our employees, our intellectual capital, and the trust placed in us by our stakeholders.

  • We want to shape the digital transformation in a responsible and proactive manner. As a technology company, we assume a special responsibility for society: raising awareness in public discussions for the safe and ethical use of information technologies. We strive to get young people excited about IT at an early stage and want to help them explore their future prospects.

  • We are committed to integrating environmental responsibility into our core business.

Responsibility for sustainability is shared by the Administrative Board of GFT Technologies SE, as the highest management and control body of the GFT Group, and the Managing Directors. They are responsible for planning and implementing the GFT Group’s CSR strategy and CSR-relevant guidelines. The Managing Directors define the KPIs for sustainability aspects and monitor progress.

As a digitalisation partner for our clients, we help companies make their business models fit for the future. At the same time, our social responsibility to adequately assess the long-term consequences of the solutions we develop is rooted in our focus on technology. ”
Marika Lulay CEO GFT Technologies SE
Marika Lulay