GFT in Top 10 of the Women's Career Index 2019

GFT in Top 10 of the Women's Career Index 2019 

March 17, 2020 - Stuttgart - For the past seven years, the Women's Career Index (FKi) has been awarding prizes to companies that promote a culture of change and innovation and in particular promote the careers of women. This year GFT Technologies SE (GFT) is again among the top 10 most women-friendly companies in the FKi ranking. GFT attaches great importance to diversity and supports women in management positions. With Marika Lulay as CEO, a woman has been at the head of the company since mid 2017.


The Women's Career Index (FKi) is a differentiated measuring instrument with which the development of successful women's careers in German companies can be analysed and observed. Strategies and initiatives of the participating companies are scrutinized in the course of a comprehensive analysis. Consequently FKi is now considered to be a significant monitoring tool for the general sustainability of a company. Those that promote the mobility of women's careers create responsive structures and cultural openness. On March 6, the FKi published its annual ranking and, under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, honored the commitment of companies to sustainably improve the career opportunities of women.

GFT is ranked eighth this year and - as in previous years - is among the top 10 companies honored. GFT promotes talent regardless of gender, nationality or ethnicity - diversity is a top priority, even without a formal women's promotion programme. Individual career development and good general working conditions, such as part-time or home office models allow for an optimal work-life balance.

For GFT as a company, and for CEO Marika Lulay personally, it is very important that the promotion of women's careers is continuously supported.


In the IT industry, we experienced a skills shortage about 20 years ago. We could never afford discrimination. The fact that we make it into the FKi Top 10 every year means a lot to us. I see this as a confirmation of our corporate and management culture.”
Marika Lulay CEO of GFT Technologies SE
Marika Lulay