The Guidewire PartnerConnect network

GFT belongs to the Guidewire PartnerConnect network, in its role as a Consulting Advantage Partner. Members of Guidewire PartnerConnect™ provide a broad range of specialised services to clients in the property and casualty insurance industry. World-class professional staff, extensive experience in managing projects and delivering results, plus a reputation for going the extra mile for clients have established us a partner valued by many.


The GFT team provides insurance companies with strategic operational consulting and IT implementation services in North America, South America and Europe. It also provides these clients with key specialist resources.

In focusing on the insurance sector, we apply a coherent business and IT model ranging from architecture (business case) to delivery. This also involves providing support with respect to maintenance, release updates and change management. At GFT, we offer service and design solutions based on boutique methods – everything is tailored to individual clients, who come in all sizes with all kinds of challenges. We also maintain a list of appropriate accelerators to quickly add value, hand in hand with the required business benefits. In addition, GFT offers know-how in Guidewire value-based methods, allowing us to pinpoint and assess precise business benefit.

All of the services we offer are available in multiple languages.


We have completed over 20 Guidewire projects spanning the entire range of Guidewire services, addressing nine different business lines. Our team includes experts with the highest certifications in each Guidewire suite module. GFT’s services come into play at every phase of a transformation project, including project planning, detailed architectural design (inception), agile development, business solution delivery, data updating and migration.

Supported by the Center for Innovation and Performance in Insurance (CIPA), the only specialist unit of its kind in North America, plus the centre of excellence in Milan, GFT’s team of professionals adds value and safeguards quality at every step of the journey, also ensuring that the overall Guidewire implementation process goes as smoothly as possible for our clients.

GFT is well known for its innovative approach to Guidewire implementation. In 2018, GFT acquired V-NEO, which was honoured with a Guidewire Innovation Award in 2013 (for transformation) as well as in 2015 (for change management).

GFT offers a highly effective insurance anti-fraud solution. This tool is valid for all fields of the market and has already been integrated into Guidewire.


At GFT, we take pride in our service offering, which includes access to certified technology experts with a wealth of insurance industry know-how and training. Harnessing the power of teamwork, our professionals approach every project as a single, unified resource.

GFT’s unique consulting strategy means our team members act as partners of equals rather than simple providers. They also go to great lengths to build close ties with clients and Guidewire, which also serves to add value. This relationship reinforces our commitment to clients and colleagues alike.