Chief data officer delivering vision

The role of the CDO is wide and varied. As more and more organisations have to deal with larger volumes of data, the opportunities and challenges are vast. The role varies enormously from organisation to organisation, depending on the type of business and how established a firm is.

In an industry-leading initiative, GFT has assembled a cross-industry team of specialists called the Data Innovation Working Group. Its task is to examine the role of CDOs and the challenges they face on a daily basis, with the intention of building industry-wide consensus regarding best practice in this key area. In a series of papers, we offer thought- provoking insights covering:

  • Delivering benefit: how Chief Data Officers can deliver benefit to an increasingly diverse customer base
  • Delivering vision: how to develop a principle-based vision for data – across traditional organisational silos
  • Delivering change: a practical guide for Chief Data Officers to maximise effectiveness

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