Align business with client expectations

Disruptive technologies are reshaping industries worldwide. Financial institutions can harness the power of artificial intelligence to integrate data from multiple sources and offer unique, bespoke customer propositions. 

The industrial world is on the brink of its fourth industrial revolution. Almost every aspect of business is going digital, which signals a new era of smart, tech-driven management. In this new age, technologies, such as machine learning, deep learning, augmented-, virtual-, and mixed realities redefine what’s possible. 

Over time, boundaries between industries will become less clear as will the division between the physical and virtual world. There is a growing awareness that technology and automation will define the firm of the future and there are competitive advantages for early adopters. 

Many firms accept that they need help to succeed in this this new order. Technical partners will play a pivotal role in defining the right strategy for enduring success.

Why to make usage of exponential technologies

Leverage technology and stay relevant

With new technologies you can expand into a new, prosperous world created by augmented and virtual.

Embrace the future of industry and finance

Technology is redefining industry and commerce. Although virtual reality has been around for years, augmented reality brings virtual benefits to a physical world. And mixed reality empowers us to comingle real virtual and physical experiences.

Make smarter decisions, faster

Artificial intelligence and deep learning have many applications within financial serves and can transform customer interaction and decision-making.

New technologies are redefining industries and sectors. We are entering a new era where the division between the real and virtual world is blurred. The industrial world is on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution where almost all processes are digitised and many virtualised.”
Simon Thompson Head of Data Science
Simon Thompson_Headshot

Why choose GFT as strategic partner

Succeed in cognitive banking

GFT can help firms straddle the physical and virtual worlds. We can help you design, build and implement a cognitive banking solution that uses artificial intelligence and big data to offer a rich customer experience and builds loyalty.

Learn from every experience

Machine learning unleashes new possibilities for all industries. Every process is a learning opportunity so products, services and markets can be continually reviewed. Products and services can be aligned exactly with evolving customer needs.

Tap into our network

As a partner of Google, Amazon and Microsoft, GFT can deliver a practical business solution, based on the latest technology such as cloud and AI. We can help you deliver a better solution, quicker.