Whether you’re a retail bank or managing private wealth, complying with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements - while at the same time meeting the changing demands of customers - puts banks under enormous pressure.

To cope with these challenges, you need to update your processes and invest in your IT, especially given rising  costs due to the complexity of adaption and integration projects.

Furthermore, the explosion of FinTechs opens up new opportunities for established banks, who can now benefit from an unprecedented wave of innovation by partnering with FinTechs to accelerate their digitalisation strategies.

At GFT, we understand your business and we know your IT inside out. We help banks throughout the world cope with their challenges. Our offerings provide a fast track for mastering your challenges in

  • digital banking
  • operational efficiency
  • core banking
  • regulatory compliance

Discover the GFT Digital Innovation Lab

Why transform your business

Digital Banking

Digital banking is about more than implementing. It puts customers at the centre of your business. This means significant transformation in the following areas:

from accounts to people,
from profiles to journeys,
from multi-channel to omni-channel

Don’t waste your money

The cost of IT operations is rising continuously – eating into budgets you’d prefer to invest in innovation. We help you identify areas for optimisation, whether in application management or on the mainframe.

Regulatory change is The New Normal

We help our clients understand what the impact of regulatorty change is and then go on to implement the correct solution.

Banks today are in the challenging situation that they have to modernise their IT infrastructure to meet new customer demands and regulatory requirements while at the same time cut down operational cost. We are working with banks for more than 25 years and help them to transform into true digital banks with an agile IT environment, ready for ongoing change requirements. Artur Serra Sales Executive Director Banking


Why choose GFT

Focus on financial services

Thanks to our international, multi-disciplinary teams - developing and implementing solutions, based on deep banking knowledge and detailed insights - we have been supporting banks around the world for more than 25 years.

Results – not just visions

We don’t waste your time with complex visions you can’t actually implement. Instead, we focus on delivering solutions that work today. We achieve this by combining agile methodologies with proven experience from front-end to back-end.

Best of both – quality and cost

With our combination of on-site experts and near-shore development centres – within your time zone – you can rely on high-quality software delivery and maintenance based on a detailed understanding of your local business requirements.