Market changes and regulation are forcing retail banks into a profound transformation. In an increasingly digitalised world, banks are poised to play an essential part in the life of their customers – but only if they are able to build strong engagement with them.

Fierce competition forces banks to be proactive in their market approach. Not only do they need to offer products that take the complexity out of financial decisions, engagement has to be based on the life-path of the customer (university studies, new home, family, retirement, etc) rather than on mere banking products.

A new approach to banking has started to emerge and although the so-called neo-banks and big GAFA players still have a discreet presence in terms of market share, it is widely believed that they have initiated a wave that will continue to growth until it fully transforms the industry.

For many banks, ensuring that their IT systems are in a position to support this transformation remains a daunting task. At GFT, we understand retail banking business and we know IT inside out. We help banks throughout the world to adopt the technology that supports their business transformation, while ensuring a perfect fit with their legacy systems.

Our offering puts you in the fast track, empowering you to master challenges in:

  • Exponential banking
  • Payments
  • Core banking

Why transform your business

Be ready for your customers

Put customers at the centre of your business by redesigning banking interactions to offer a contextualised and hyperpersonalised experience anytime and anywhere.

Don’t waste your money

The cost of IT operations is rising continuously – eating into budgets you’d prefer to invest in innovation. We help you identify areas for optimisation, from application management to mainframes.

Turn threats into opportunities

We help our clients understand the impacts of regulatory change and how to derive maximum benefit from compliance investments.

Banks find themselves in a challenging situation. They have to modernise their IT infrastructure to meet new customer demands and regulatory requirements, but at the same time they need to cut operational costs. We’ve been working with banks for more than 30 years, helping them transform into true digital banks.”
Manuel Lavín Executive Director and CDO
Manuel Lavin

Recognised by leading market analysts:

What Everest Group says about GFT

GFT has been positioned as a Major Contender in the Open Banking IT Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2020 and named Star Performer in the current edition.

Everest Group classifies the top worldwide service providers into Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants; based on each provider’s vision & capability and market impact in the specific domain of open banking IT services. The title of Star Performer relates to YOY performance and is bestowed to providers that demonstrate the most improvement on the PEAK Matrix™. This distinction was accomplished due to GFT’s improvement in both market success and capability advancement.



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Why choose GFT

Focus on financial services

Thanks to our international, multi-disciplinary teams – which develop and implement solutions based on deep banking knowledge and detailed insights – we have been supporting banks around the world for more than 30 years.

Results – not just visions

We don’t waste your time with complex concepts you can’t actually implement. Instead, we focus on delivering solutions that work today. We achieve this by combining agile methodologies with proven experience and the latest technology.

Best of both – quality and cost

Thanks to a combination of onsite experts and nearshore development centres – within your time zone – you can rely on us for high-quality software delivery and maintenance based on a detailed understanding of your local business requirements.

Discover the GFT Digital Innovation Lab

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