The application landscape in large financial organisations has grown so complex that it requires major resources to manage it effectively. However, most CIOs are under increasing pressure to manage costs, accelerate delivery times and leverage the latest technologies to support the business in responding to customer demands.

Application maintenance is not only time consuming, but it also requires a broad range of technological expertise, business understanding and regulatory knowledge. By leaving the maintenance of their strategic applications in the hands of an expert partner, banks can focus their IT teams on solving the more strategic challenges that deliver business growth.

Furthermore, experts in application management can help banks get the most out of their applications by keeping them updated, ensuring they are correctly dimensioned, solving bottlenecks to optimise performance and guaranteeing compliance with current regulations.

Why transform your business

Solve skills shortages

Outsourcing the maintenance of your applications gives you access to a large pool of experts, ensuring faster time-to-market because more resources are available when you need them.

Efficiency gains achieved through outsourcing

Freeing up your team from maintenance duties, allows them to dedicate all their time to what matters most to your business: the expanding functionality of your applications to support business needs.

Get the most out of your budgets

Keep operating costs under control while ensuring sustained technical enhancements by outsourcing the maintenance of your strategic applications.

Our tested methodology for the management of complex applications facilitates rapid and cost-effective transitions – we take care of the complex and time-consuming task of managing your IT systems, while you concentrate on maximising business value.”
Pere Font Martínez IT Senior Manager
Pere Font

Why choose GFT

Focus on technology for the financial sector

With an exclusive focus on financial services, GFT’s expertise covers the whole range of banking products and core systems. Our customers benefit from best practices and proven processes built on a deep understanding of the banking business.

A team of experts at your side

GFT is a pioneer in a combined onshore/nearshore model, ensuring customers can leverage the efficiencies created by a nearshore team while maintaining direct contacts at their primary location.

Scalable services to suit your requirements

From one to many – when it comes to application management, GFT can accommodate any client needs. Goals and metrics are aligned through jointly agreed SLAs, ensuring complete reliability and peace of mind.