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Open banking is redefining the way banks engage with their customers in global markets. Primary divers are legislation – such as PSD2 – and technology, mainly open APIs and real-time payments. All open banking initiatives seek to drive entrepreneurship and competition.

In practice, open banking is largely about customer data. In an open-banking environment, banks must share customer data with third parties as requested by customers.

Open banking is the most disruptive event in banking for centuries. It is redefining the bank value chain, challenging the way banks interface with their customers and changing how they compete with each other.

The relevance of open banking

Build new apps and increase bank reach

Profit from change. Build new branded apps that increase customer convenience and loyalty. Collaborate to reach new markets with minimal investment and risk.

Deliver a real-time payments strategy

Use open banking to define and refine your core strengths and participate in a real-time financial ecosystem. Deliver real-time services that increase customer convenience and build loyalty.

Work with the best partners to accelerate progress

Open banking offers a unique opportunity to focus on what you do best. By choosing the right partners you can deliver a technology renewal without the risk and cost of a major development.

Recognised by leading market analysts:

What Everest Group says about GFT

GFT has been positioned as a Major Contender in the Open Banking IT Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2020 and named Star Performer in the current edition.

Everest Group classifies the top worldwide service providers into Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants; based on each provider’s vision & capability and market impact in the specific domain of open banking IT services. The title of Star Performer relates to YOY performance and is bestowed to providers that demonstrate the most improvement on the PEAK Matrix™. This distinction was accomplished due to GFT’s improvement in both market success and capability advancement.


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Open banking challenges traditional bank operating models and promises to redefine the entire banking value chain. Banks will no longer be the sole manufactures and distributers of their own financial product but can choose how they participate in the financial ecosystem.”
Manuel Lavín CEO GFT Spain

Why choose GFT as strategic partner

The right mix of technology and business know-how

GFT has participated in the open banking debate since it began. We can help you identify, scope and realise the business benefits of open banking in any geography.

Our practical skillset

We’re already helping many of the world’s major banks capitalise on the open banking opportunity. Our strategic approach is firmly rooted in commercial reality and we are experts in all areas of banking.

Partnerships with digital banking API solutions providers

GFT can help you profit from the unique opportunity offered by open banking. We can help you offer a world-class, customised and convenient banking experience.