The challenge that Global One clients face is that the system has been in use for over 20 years and relies on legacy technology. Finding people with the specialist support and development skills to maintain the system is difficult and costly.

GFT are a leading supplier of Global One managed services, delivering an innovative approach that helps our clients overcome these challenges, enabling them to control their costs, manage risk and create new business opportunities.

Why transform your business

Leading stock borrow loan system

Over 100 organisations have installed a Global One system, including the vast majority of investment and wholesale banks. This ubiquity is a result of the system’s underlying strengths but now Global One presents banks with unique challenges.

Banks now build software around Global One

Many banks have built layers of software around Global One to improve its functionality, effectively isolating the system from many of its users.
It has evolved into an engine that mainly sits in the back office.

Increase operational efficiency

GFT provide the ability to reduce costs and risk, increase operational efficiency, and free up developer capacity to focus on business initiatives that create new revenue streams.

Global One upgrades can be challenging and take a great deal of effort to plan, execute and test. GFT have many years’ experience of performing upgrades and has a methodical and effective approach that can significantly reduce the impact and disruption traditionally associated with upgrades.”
Andrew Rossiter Head of Technology Services
Andrew Rossiter

Why choose GFT

Applications & Linux upgrades

Our experience in the provision of Global One managed services can deliver controlled costs, system stability, improved efficiency, reduced risk and enhanced functionality.

ITIL methodology & best practice

GFT teams are comprised of excellent technologists supported by service delivery and product and domain specialists. Each service is designed with flexibility in mind to meet the ever-changing business landscape.

Incident management & applications

Service management: problem, change, availability

Development: provision of new interfaces with enhanced functionality

Testing: system performance, benchmarking and automated regression pack testing

Downloads and case studies

Application Cost Reduction

Application Cost Reduction