What can be achieved with Industry 4.0?

  • Shopfloor transparency and management based on smart factories
  • Shift complexity away from staff and into IT systems
  • Insights into your machines
  • Cost savings through efficient processes and integrated systems
  • Innovative digital services and business models
  • Customer relationships on a new level

Our Consulting services

  • Digital Strategy Innovation: Design Thinking, Business Model Innovation, Digital Business Cases, Platform Business
  • Shopfloor: LEAN 4.0, MES, Model in the middle
  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things): Machine Connection, Cloud / Platform, Dashboarding
  • Classical Consulting: Project Management, Business Consulting, IT Consulting, Engineering / Retrofit

Our solutions for your smart factory


A smart factory for GS Metaal

Achieve clarity and structure in production by simplifying and synchronising information flows and eliminating purely paper-based systems. Single-source-of-truth solutions add transparency and ease the burden on staff, with all key data at your fingertips in real time. Scheduling becomes simple rather than a time-consuming chore marked by uncertainty.

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Networked machine park for a SME

React flexible to changing demands of customers through a well-managed shopfloor that provides total transparency. Choosing the right software solution after analyzing the processes by experienced consultants enables an increase of efficiency that leads to productivity enhancement – saving time and money on the long run.


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Michael Hecker

Managing Director Industry

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Industry 4.0 consulting

Digitalise NOW!

IoT management

Industry 4.0 consulting

Digitalise NOW!

IoT management