Efficient claims management solution to lower costs and improve the customer experience

For an insurance company, managing a claim is the most critical factor in the interaction with the customer. Nevertheless, many insurers are still using ageing, inflexible claim and policy systems to run their core business processes. There are now much more efficient and effective claims management solutions that make it possible to reduce costs and make better use of resources. To raise productivity at HDI Seguros Brazil, GFT implemented an IBM BPM claims management solution.

Raise claims management productivity

  • High growth scenario, increasing pressure to enhance productivity in claims management
  • Over 300 analysts and experts with marginal differences in operational procedures

Implementation of IBM BPM claims management solution

  • Introduction of an operational and monitoring solution using IBM BPM
  • Increased productivity of analyst claims to support volume growth, based on the same number of employees

A claims management solution delivering a 30% improvement in productivity

  • Change in company culture – stronger focus on performance
  • 30% enhancement of productivity: analysts know immediately what to do with each GPS project
  • Improved customer service - quicker reimbursements


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