Digitalisation of business workflow to support ambitious business growth plan 

  • An American global financial services firm acquired an independent insurance broker to develop insurance services in a new strategic vertical sector, with ambitious growth plans
  • Many of the existing business processes at the acquired company were manual and paper based, with insurance requests, quotes and documentation all being handled manually
  • Lack of technology was clearly a business inhibitor, with a high cost-per-transaction and a reduced target market, limiting future growth
  • The existing processes made it very difficult to respond to market and regulatory challenges

Design and deliver an electronic solution automating business workflow

  • GFT was engaged to perform a full review of the current business workflow and propose a new automated process
  • Design and deliver an electronic solution with a fully automated process providing: collection of insurance requests via a web interface, evaluation of requests to ‘price’ and generate quotes via automated algorithms, automation of all documentation and downstream processing
  • Built using serverless architecture with AWS Lambda, using ReactJS with Redux and Java for the back-end. Continuous delivery pipeline uses the AWS tooling to version, build and deploy
  • Delivered using a mixed-shore, multi-disciplinary team based in London and Sao Paulo

Use of AWS cloud and Lambda serverless provides a low-cost of ownership for the platform

  • Greatly reduced cost-per-transaction and dramatically improved response time (now immediate)
  • Ability to scale the business in existing markets and enter low-value, high-volume markets
  • Improved client experience and workflow drives increased business and loyalty
  • Fully configurable system allows products to be added or changed, without changing software
  • Consistent process and data reduces errors and allows the client to utilise advanced analytics to inform future business strategy and respond quickly to regulatory requirements

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