Making computing more affordable

Cloud technologies are positively disruptive and mark a new dawn in computing. The ubiquity of cloud services combined with a pay-as-you go pricing model removes many barriers to entry. Businesses in all sectors can compete on the strength of their customer propositions rather than their size or technology stack. 

By facilitating the delivery of computer services over the internet, cloud removes the need for servers, databases and networks on premises. Users are spared of the need for large, periodic capital investments and the associated maintenance burden.

Many organisations migrate to the cloud to achieve scale and cost savings. But the transformational aspects of the cloud are to become more customer-centric and agile. With so much on offer, Identifying and quantifying the benefits of the cloud is a lot easier with expert help.

Our team draws on an unparalleled practical experience and a deep knowledge of cloud technology to accelerate your journey to the cloud while cooperating successfully with Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Flexible Personalized Insurance based on Google Cloud streaming data

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Real time analysis of telemetry data enables insurance companies to create flexible pricing models based on the way the client drive and their associated risk profile (these savings can also be passed on to the client). Adaptable data models can be created for different insurers/insurers in different geographical locations based on clients needs/driving styles. Due to the use of Google Cloud technologies this solution is scalable up to any size and volume.

How cloud changes the game

Analyse customer data to gain insight

Deliver services that add most value and stay relevant to evolving customer needs. By implementing real-time technology and a microservices-base architecture you can undertake continuous development and deployment.

Transform processing

Harness the scale and power of cloud technologies and move to real-time processing. Align technology with your business strategy and remove the guesswork from decision making.

Align costs with revenue

Cloud computing empowers you to scale your business without a major investment in technology. But cloud can also help you become more ‘elastic’ so you can also scale down when necessary.

Cloud computing is a real game changer for businesses in many sectors. It makes computing more affordable and democratic, opening up markets that were once the preserve of large corporations who could out-invest their competitors. In practice, the cloud enables organisations of all sizes to think big and scale up.”
Alpesh Tailor Executive Director

Why you should have GFT alongside

An inquisitive approach without boundaries

GFT specialists can help you identify, scope and realise the business benefits of cloud technologies by thinking big and creatively.

Cloud production experience

We’ve been working with cloud technologies since it started and have real production experience of native cloud development and infrastructure as code. Our proven cloud expansion path includes microservices, machine learning and AI.

Partnerships with three major cloud computing providers

GFT can help you leverage the power of the cloud or run a hybrid solution. We have successful partnerships with Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Pivotal.