Aspiriamo non solo a essere il partner strategico ideale per la consulenza di business e la tecnologia, ma anche un hub di innovazione e ispirazione. Aiutandovi e fornendovi consulenza, abbiamo l’obiettivo di rendervi più competitivi in un mercato caratterizzato da una rapida crescita. Vogliamo inoltre che siate preparati alle sfide che vi aspettano.

Per tradizione GFT ha sempre condiviso le sue idee e visioni relative agli sviluppi tecnologici: capacità di analisi acquisita  con molti anni di esperienza in prima linea, attenta analisi dei trend e osservazione del mercato. Questo know-how si è dimostrato essenziale nei nostri mercati di riferimento.

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I nostri recenti Thought Leadership


  1. gft_ready-for-open-banking

    Are you ready for open finance?

    Like its predecessor, it aims to promote competition among financial providers, drive digital innovation and promote new, open, data-driven services. The ultimate beneficiaries are customers who should enjoy greater access to enriched and tailored products and favourable pricing models for the individual’s needs. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) describes open finance as having the potential to ‘transform’ the way consumers and businesses use financial services. So, how should the industry prepare?

  2. gft_whitepaper-cloud-security_en

    Grading your security posture for cloud

    Your cloud security posture refers to your overall security status for cloud, including your applications, user access, data security, and network security. It is essentially a report card on your ability to prevent, detect and remediate security threats across all these domains for your cloud environment as quickly and thoroughly as possible in order to minimize risk and impact. However, simply moving to a secure cloud is not enough.

  3. gft-pov-high-performance-computing-in-the-cloud

    High Performance Computing in the cloud

    Although widely acknowledged as a potentially game-changing capability, the adoption of cloud technology for High Performance Computing (HPC) is still very much in its infancy. However, based on our hands-on experience of this when working with a Tier 1 financial institution, we firmly believe the cloud has the ability to enable firms to rethink the way they approach the complex technological challenges to perform enormous grid calculations.

  4. gft_pov_operational-open-banking

    Operational open banking - Looking beyond the theory and regulatory compliance

    So far, many banks seem to have treated open banking as a regulatory compliance issue. While it is that, viewing open banking as simply a regulatory issue greatly underestimates its enormous potential to transform the industry and to change how banks interact with customers and third parties. Although it is still early days, open banking will certainly redefine what it means to be a bank. In this paper, we revisit the fundamental drivers of open banking and suggest ways that banks can seize this unique commercial opportunity.

  5. gft_pov_cognitive-banking_preview-image

    Cognitive banking: harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to transform financial services

    This Point of View is the product of fruitful conversations with financial services executives around the globe. It explores the nature and scope of cognitive banking: how it fits in with the other pillars of exponential banking, and why banks should welcome this new dawn in technology. It demonstrates that the benefits of cognitive banking are limited only by the imagination and that early adopters will be well rewarded.