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La sfida

Leverage AI to streamline lawsuit document handling  process at large Spanish retail bank

  • Develop an enterprise-wide solution with custom AI and machine learning algorithms for the classification of lawsuits, the extraction of relevant entities and the comprehension of legal implications in unstructured documents
  • Fully integrated with relevant business processes at the bank
  • Extensible to other use cases
  • Intelligent Process Automation


Design and deployment of an integrated solution based on machine learning and deep learning

  • Business value demonstrated through initial PoC
  • Over 2,000 documents were used for training the machine learning and deep learning algorithms
  • The solution is capable of automatically classifying legal lawsuits, extracting relevant entities and determining the object of the claim
  • Following the successful PoC, the solution is currently being deployed at full scale

Il vantaggio

60% reduction in the time required for processing lawsuit documents

  • Bottlenecks at the entry point (on arrival of claims) are avoided and claims are promptly routed to the relevant legal team
  • Flexibility of the solution to incorporate new types of claims. By directing unusual claims for manual processing by humans, the solution learns about this new type of claim and is able to accurately classify it in the future
  • Greater business efficiency enable a rapid response to customers, augmenting the possibilities of reaching a friendly settlement to the claim
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Manuel Lavín