Overall cost reduction

Business agility transformed

A strategic platform for digital innovation

La sfida

Harness state-of-the-art technology to build a future-ready brokerage

  • Design and deliver a cloud-based technology renewal to support future implementations of new technologies
  • Position data and technology at the heart of the business to enable better, quicker decisions and deliver a step-change improvement in organisational efficiency
  • Offer a superior customer service to increase engagement and retention
  • Build a robust architecture to stimulate digital innovation and creativity



Align technology investment with business objectives

  • Built a groundbreaking reference architecture to revolutionise how new projects are designed, built, implemented and managed
  • Evaluated options and established a sustainable use case for the strategic adoption of Azure
  • Partnered with the client to implement a DevOps culture to shorten delivery cycle, implement continuous delivery and deliver a better service
  • Delivered a new microservices ecosystem to enable Domain-Driven Design and align solutions with specific business problems

Il vantaggio

An agile, innovative, learning insurance business

  • Agile methods and modern technologies have generated many sustainable benefits:
  • A culture that embraces innovation with the introduction Dr Alper, the healthtech platform and digital account opening effected by the sales team, which is faster, more accurate and transparent   
  • Systems that are always available and can be accessed from anywhere
  • A business that is data driven, infinitely scalable and positioned for growth
  • New business models where technology investment is aligned to success
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Carlos Mattos

Director of Technology & Architecture