The application landscapes of large financial organisations have expanded dramatically in recent years, tying up significant resources if they are to be managed effectively. CIOs are facing the challenging task of reducing cost bases while attempting to accelerate delivery times. GFT Cloud Engineering helps financial institutions achieve spectacular performance enhancements. Deploying 28 complex applications through the cloud using AWS and Azure resulted in a 38% improvement in application performance for this US asset manager.

La sfida

  • Migrate 28 complex applications from a traditional development environment to a continuous integrated development environment using agile methods
  • Build UI-automated smoke tests to address 240 scenarios within all 28 applications
  • Deploy all applications in the cloud using AWS and Azure
  • Project timeframe of 8 months


  • Improve communication between sites, ensuring onsite resources work together closely with the client team
  • Implement continuous integration using a mixture of technologies and tools such as TFS, Go Server and DevOps CHEF
  • Adopt a SCRUM framework to steer and monitor the development process, ideally including daily status updates, sprint planning and review meetings with the whole team
  • weekly meetings involving all sites to monitor progress and discuss difficulties

Il vantaggio

  • Development process maturity improved
  • Average improvement in application performance of 38%
  • The automation process significantly improved the time needed to build, deploy and test all 28 applications, reducing schedules to less than 8 hours
  • Reductions in level 2 support team costs of 65%
  • Improved scalability and reliability of all applications moving to the cloud
Andrew Rossiter

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Andrew Rossiter

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