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La sfida

The need for a mechanism to enforce security standards
As part of its cloud migration strategy this global investment bank needed to be able to define standard security policies then deploy once on a virtual machine to ease future releases and ensure consistency.
To achieve this, there was a need to:  

  • Set baseline security and best practice for Oracle/Postgres databases
  • Codify security policies to be applied to the Azure cloud environment
  • Add policies to a CI/CD pipeline with accompanying test framework
  • Free developers to deploy databases in Azure without needing to re-create security controls each time


Security process engineering
Already a trusted partner of the bank, GFT was engaged to:

  • Examine the control environment pipeline and modify to accept policy as code
  • Select a specific test framework using typescript for positive and negative policy tests
  • Document and agree security standards and baseline with CSO
  • Create a policy-as-code library using Terraform to implement the policies
  • Perform standard tests via the pipeline to ensure the policies behaved as required

Il vantaggio

Self-service deployments of databases with enforced controls
GFT has empowered the bank to accelerate its cloud strategy in several ways:

  • With a codified policy set the bank can self serve database deployment in Azure
  • A thoroughly tested pipeline provides the ability to change security controls or add to them without introducing insecure configurations
  • Policy as code assures continuous compliance for databases on the whole platform, with any user changes not meeting the security controls, being rejected
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