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New technology will deliver dramatic improvements for insurance companies in the years to come. Insurance companies need to adapt to rapid change to stay competitive. This major Italian insurance company needed to replace its non-compliant legacy claims system in order to improve the efficiency of claims management. GFT designed and implemented a new mobile and web-based solution in under six months resulting in dramatically improved claims management.

La sfida

Replace non-compliant legacy claims system

  • Highly automated processes, only handling claims manually by exception
  • Flexibility to accommodate changes in organisational, business and regulatory requirements
  • Appropriate processes for managing different claims and extending the value chain
  • Continuous monitoring of business-critical activities in keeping with SLAs


Design and implement web and mobile channels

  • Project support on several levels: PMO, digital design, information architecture, content, business and requirements analysis, solution design, implementation and system integration
  • Exclusively open source, using Magnolia for the web-based CMS and FAST (from GFT) as the integration layer
  • New website launched on schedule after six months

Il vantaggio

Compliance and enhanced efficiency in claims management

  • Increased claim management performance leading to productivity improvements, reduced costs in claims management and greater customer satisfaction
  • The claims centre was extended to include local legal and regulatory requirements
  • Improved fraud detection
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