For many organisations, reducing the time required for batch processing is a business imperative. GFT analysed the mainframe processes for this leading insurance company in Italy and offered a list of 23 potential improvements – both to the hardware and the application code – to streamline mainframe processes and reduced its batch time window by more than 175 hours per day.

La sfida

Reduce the batch time window so processes are complete by 8am

  • The customer was having problems with its batch window, mainly due to batch processes causing long elapse times
  • In addition, the batch architecture was not designed to run 24x7
  • The customer needed to close batch processes at 8am to start online activity


Identifiy areas of improvement in application codes and hardware

  • The project lasted 14 weeks involving a team of 5 people working on different batch processes, spotting patterns and drafting functional documents
  • The GFT team focused on application code improvements as well as hardware issues
  • Quick reporting of improvement areas, including alternative solution with a definition of installation patterns

Il vantaggio

Significant improvements in batch processing time

  • Significant batch improvements with a major reduction in elapsed time consumption
  • Consumption reduction of more than 175 hours (per day)
  • 23 opportunities to make improvements; two functional documents provided
  • GFT suggested that the company should continue with its optimisation initiative by introducing Batch 24x7 architecture and a QA application with automated control
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