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GFT presents the Branch for the Digital Bank

High street bank branches – a granted element of our cityscape – have been under threat for years. Cost pressure on one hand and an increasing use of digital channels lead to the question, if bank branches can be made obsolete.

At GFT we believe that even physical branches have a reason to stay – but not in the way and with the services that they provide today. To make the physical branch attractive for traditional as well as “mixed customers” who use both digital and traditional channels, the branch experience needs a major overhaul.

In the GFT Digital Banking Lab we layout scenarios for creating a new branch experience and at the same time help banks to manage their branches more effectively.

Download our latest Point of View or contact us to directly speak to our experts to discuss how you can shape your branch network to the requirements of tomorrow.

Point of View "Branch for the digital bank"

Our latest Point of View


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Brochure "Empowering Digital Banks"

Digital Banking Transformation

Empowering Digital Banks


In the Internet age, people want to solve their financial challenges on their terms, when their need – not the bank’s – is greatest. They also want the same fantastic banking experience, whichever channel they use to manage their finances. As a retail bank, your organisation must evolve its business model to accommodate this new reality, to attract and retain your preferred customers, and to maximise your share of an increasingly competitive market.
Your goal: to stop pushing different products at customers through multiple online and offline channels, and start advising them in a consistent way, on their terms. See how a fully integrated digital banking experience can look like in our new video “Empowering Digital Banks”.
GFT: the digital banking sector specialist

We specialise in guiding major retail banks like yours through the digital banking transformation by focusing on functional real-world solutions, not grand visions. Whether you are still developing your strategy, or have already launched your first digital banking services, our user-tested and market-proven solutions help you:


  • Gain competitive advantage in the nascent Mobile Payments market 
  • Deliver a more customer-centric banking experience through Real-time Decisions
  • Together with complementary solutions in Personal Finance Management (PFM)Digital Platforms, and by collaborating with partners in specialist fields such as Big Data analytics, we help you build a digital bank that works for you and your customers today.

GFT: Empowering Digital Banks

Empowering Digital Banks: In GFT’s Digital Banking Lab, tomorrow’s banking experiences become a tangible reality today.

Empowering Digital Banks: In GFT’s Digital Banking Lab, tomorrow’s banking experiences become a tangible reality today.