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When: Thursday 30 April 2020 from 17.00 - 19.30 (Refreshments will be served)

Venue: South Place Hotel, 3 South Place, London EC2M 2AF

The stuff of legends

The “Gordian Knot,” is described as a complex or unsolvable problem and can be traced back to a legendary chapter in the life of Alexander the Great, when in 333 BC he marched his army into the Phrygian capital of Gordium in modern day Turkey. Upon arrival, he encountered an ancient wagon, its yoke tied with what was later described as “several knots all so tightly entangled that it was impossible to see how they were fastened.”

Everything cloud. Everything digital. Everything data

Fast forward to today and we see that many financial firms are grappling with a highly complex and unwieldy IT infrastructure, the 21st century’s version of the Gordian Knot. The challenge now is how to unravel this to create an agile and revitalised technology environment capable of supporting the needs of a diverse and modern society. Is migrating everything to the cloud the panacea, or just another Pandora’s box? Or is transforming existing infrastructures for the better even possible?

We could follow the lead of the impetuous Alexander, who proclaimed, “It makes no difference how they are loosed.” And sliced the knot in half with a single stroke. Another version says, he pulled out a lynchpin running through the yoke, loosening the knot enough that he was able to unfasten it. Whichever method he used, the young king was immediately hailed as having outsmarted the ancient puzzle.

Sadly, we cannot ask Alexander which is the true version. However, we can provide access to a group of forward-thinking kings of banking and technology by providing an independent platform enabling industry peers to intelligently debate this and other game-changing subjects. Unlike the theory that the ancient Gordian Knot was an unsolvable problem, I believe the opposite is true, and that by working together we can construct meaningful solutions to today’s challenging IT-related situations which will be for the good of all.

The yoke that chokes

One thing is certain. Something has to change, otherwise the 21st century version of the Gordian Knot may become the yoke that chokes the lifeblood out of this vitally important sector. Join us at this event and let’s make change happen.

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