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Defining a new era in data management

In the digital age, data emerges as the new universal currency. As a result, organisations across all sectors ingest and store unprecedented volumes of data. Some of this data is structured and stored for a specific purpose, but much is unstructured and ‘hoarded’ in the hope that it will prove valuable some day. But as the volume of data grows, a “data lake” can easily turn into a “data swamp” with little practical purpose. This can lead to problems akin to those it sought to solve in the first place.

GFT has world-class data management expertise and a state-of-the-art solution that can help organisations turn their data into actionable insight that drives business strategy.

GFT Stream marks a radical departure from the received wisdom by empowering organisations to stream and analyse data in real-time. In practice, fast-moving data has a short shelf life so it makes sense to use it as soon as it arrives into the organisation. But for many organisations, this approach requires a fresh mindset and new working methods.

The deliverable benefits of GFT Stream include: 

  • A unique GFT methodology that is driven by business need not simply storing more data 
  • Data is streamed in real-time to suit on-the-fly/in situ cataloging/profiling and enrichment
  • Data pipelines that can be tailored to support specific business needs, e.g. real-time for IoT data
  • Provides a strategic data store
  • A foundation for a model-driven business – no more guesswork or need to look in the rear-view mirror!
  • Leverages state-of-the-art technologies and new thinking – big data, cloud noSQL schema-less storage, and is also PaaS centric

GFT @ Google Next 19 USA

GFT is also delighted to confirm that it will be showcasing GFT Stream at Google Next 19 USA in San Francisco, from Monday 8th April 2019.

Google’s managed services can help build a strong foundation for GFT’s Stream technology by removing the need for infrastructure management. Google’s Cloud Storage product enables GFT Stream to use a durable blob storage as a backend for not only its source data but the machine learning models it creates.


Find out more about Google Next 19 here
Many organisations have gone data mad and are storing almost everything. There is a widely held belief that discarding data is legacy thinking. In fact, the GFT approach is to strip out data that is superfluous. Why? So organisations can extract the real business value from their data.”
Craig Parfitt Atlantic Head of Data, Engineering and AI
Craig Parfitt

GFT Stream – A data processing revolution

GFT Stream – Use cases across business segments

GFT Stream – A data processing revolution

GFT Stream – Use cases across business segments