Tranquility Base - Datacenter as Code

Tuesday 24 March 2020 from 4pm - 5pm GMT 


GFT created the open source Tranquility Base project to help unblock the path to cloud migration, by solving the common issues faced by many organisations from across all sectors:

+ Where do I start with my empty cloud environment?

+ How can I ensure my new cloud environments are consistent and secure?

+ What does a best practice cloud environment look like?

+ How do I begin using the range of new technologies required for cloud?

+ How do I build ‘cloud native’ applications that really work and can scale?

During this webinar, we will demonstrate the latest version of Tranquility Base that makes it easier and faster to deploy workloads into your Google Cloud environment; in minutes, not months.

We will show how easily Tranquility Base can be installed from the Google Marketplace and customised for you individual requirements.

Our agenda:

  • Webinar begins at 4pm
  • Introduction - Tranquility Base has landed
    - Creating a best-practice automated landing zone
    - Establishing a cloud adoption framework
    - Migrating applications to cloud
  • Future Missions
    - Configuring new cloud ‘activators’
    - The Anthos opportunity
  • Questions & Answers
  • Webinar concludes at 5pm