Once your stay has been approved by the authorities, you will be granted full entitlement to state-funded and state-subsidised services including health care and education.

You will also be protected by the Polish Labour Code, which recognises your past employment record.

State education is free in Poland for all legally employed citizens and their families.

Pre-school education

  • Private and state-subsidised nurseries and kindergartens
  • Compulsory primary schools and junior high schools for pupils aged 7-13 and 13-16
  • Senior school or vocational school for pupils aged 16-19

School finishes with a general education exam called the ‘matura’. This entitles students to apply for a university degree.

Higher education
Free full-time studies at state universities, technical universities, medical academies, schools of economics and  academies of the fine arts.
The Polish higher education system conforms to the guidelines of the Bologna process.

For more details, download The Beginner’s Guide.