Enabling Insurance brokers to work with state of the art technology

In an era that is driven by fast technological enhancements, customers are expecting a fully digital experience. Therefore insurance brokers need to be empowered with the latest tools and technologies to sustain and improve their customer relations. Eventhough broker web portals are the golden source of content, information and data, many haven't evolved over time and remained static. Using open APIs, GFT developed and designed a new business API and broker web portal for this major insurance company.

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Boost and optimise broker efficiency by providing best practices and state-of-the-art technologies

  • Before this initiative, the company had several applications to manage the insurance broker’s activities. The objective was to create a new single portal that provides all required functionalities for greater usability
  • A new API should enable integration of all operational systems accessed by brokers, while also ensuring easy integration for new applications in the future


Design and development of new business API and broker portal

  • GFT was involved from the early stages of  requirements definition and functional analysis, to the design and building phases
  • The GFT team involved included experts in design and usability in charge of designing the graphical interface
  • The solution was built within the company’s proprietary architecture: HTML5, Angular, Bootstrap y Spring to build the portal
  • GFT designed (Swagger) and built the first API, intended to be the core of the business solution. It would also allow integration of future applications if required


Improved insurer-broker relationship by grouping functionalities and services in a single system

  • New portal provides brokers with all required functionalities in a single location, reducing the time dedicated to management tasks
  • By consolidation all services for brokers in a single place, the insurance company was able to achieve better technical and operational management
  • Scalable future-proof system thanks to the API-based architecture
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