En un escenario caracterizado por una fuerte competencia y el aumento de los requisitos regulatorios, GFT es el socio tecnológico en el que confían las empresas. Gracias a nuestro conocimiento especializado y nuestra amplia experiencia, llevamos 30 años ayudando a nuestros clientes a afrontar sus retos en el sector de los servicios financieros. A lo largo de todos estos años, nuestro objetivo ha sido proporcionar el máximo beneficio a nuestros clientes, cumpliendo con sus requisitos de tiempo y presupuesto. Ésta ha sido desde siempre la base de nuestros objetivos de negocio y por ello las empresas confían en GFT.

Otros casos de éxito


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    Raise operational efficiency at Brazilian insurance confederation

    Regulatory compliance and digitalisation are driving insurance businesses to invest in new and existing IT infrastructure. Meanwhile insurers are forced to improve their operational efficiency and drive down costs to remain competitive. Greater process agility is a key feature in reducing process cycle time. For the Brazilian insurance confederation, GFT developed a customized solution based on IBM BPM leading to an increase in demand of more than 5.000%.

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    Claims management solution at HDI Seguros Brazil

    For an insurance company, managing a claim is the most critical factor in the interaction with the customer. Nevertheless many insurers are still using aging, inflexible claim and policy systems to run their core business processes. Meanwhile efficient and effective claims management solutions make it possible to reduce costs and make better use of resources. To raise productivity at HDI Seguros Brazil, GFT implemented an IBM BPM claims management solution.

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    Stretch mainframe capacity for Spanish retail bank

    Mainframes are complex but reliable and fast processing platforms. Their usage fees form a significant part of an organisation's IT burget as the incurred costs are especially high. Reducing the costs of a companies mainframe environment at a relatively low risk is therefore a key challenge of every organisation's IT department. For a Spanish Retail Bank, GFT improved the IT consumption and performance by a total of 7,966 minutes per month.

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    Reduce mainframe consumption at an Italian financial entity

    As bank IT infrastructure and budgets remain under increasing pressure, cost reduction continues to be at the top of the industry’s agenda. Operations managers are expected to improve operational efficiency by 10 to 20 percent annually, meanwhile the cost of IT operations increases by 5 to 10 percent year-on-year. Within three weeks GFT significantly reduced the CPU consumption and further identified seven improvement opportunities for this Italian financial entity.

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    CIRBE compliance at leading Spanish bank

    Banks are required to process more and more data with a systematic approach to comply with global and national regulations. Thereby regulatory obligations are becoming one the major driver for effective data management. High-quality data can help banks dramatically in decision making processes. For this leading Spanish bank GFT developed and implemented a fully compliant risk and financial status reporting process covering CIRBE compliance.

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    Big Data in the cloud for tier 1 global bank

    The benefits of cloud computing are tremendous and include reduced capital expenditure, ongoing cost reduction and scalability. Nevertheless moving to the cloud is challenging but it is an opportunity to transform the way banks deliver business value to it's stakeholders. By moving an existing compute intensive, time critical and high cost of ownership solution from on-premise to native cloud, GFT archived massive performance improvements for this Tier 1 Bank.

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    Transformation of platform for leading collateral systems provider

    All financial institutions acknowledge the need to harness the vast opportunities the cloud provides. But migrating established platforms and applications to the cloud is more than a change in technology. GFT's deep financial service insights and technology capabilities added tremendous business benefits to the collateral management platform of this leading collateral systems provider.

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    Application Lift-out and Migration for US Asset Manager

    The application landscape in large financial organisations has grown dramatically in the past years and requires major resources to be managed effectively. CIOs are facing the challenging task to reduce the cost bases while accelerating delivery times. GFT Cloud Engineering services help financial institutions to realise spectacular performance increases. Deploying 28 complexe applications on cloud using AWS and Azure lead to a 38% increased application performance for this US Asset Manager.

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    Mainframe Optimisation for leading insurance company in Italy

    Mainframes with applications handle the core business systems and processes of every organisation and account for 30 to 40 percent of total IT expenditures. Therefor CIO's drive to achieve maximum optimization with minimum investment - and so does GFT! For this leading insurance company in Italy GFT reduced the batch time window by over 175 hours daily and proposed over 23 improvement opportunities.

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    Claims management solution for leading international insurer

    Insurance companies all over the world are facing an increased number of claims in tall kinds of appearances. Many are still using aging, inflexible claim and policy systems to run their core business processes. Enhancing the customer experience through a simplified claims management process is a challenge many international insurers are facing. Together with EY, GFT built a single multi-role application that covers the entire process while providing improved data quality and antifraud detection for this leading international insurer.

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    Guidewire Implementation at major Italian insurer

    New technologies will deliver dramatic improvements for insurance companies in the next years. Insurers need to adapt to this rapid change to stay competitive. This major Italian insurer had to replace his uncompliant custom legacy claims system to increase efficiency of its claims management. GFT designed & implemented a new mobile & web solution within 6 months and increased claims management performance dramatically.

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    Omnichannel portal for leading online bank in Italy

    Bank customers are in the centre of every operation. Meanwhile as banking services are becoming digital and more individual, switching barriers are decreasing. Improving the customer experience with a cross-channel business model is therefore an inevitable challenge financial services companies have to face. For this leading Italian bank GFT designed and built an innovative omnichannel portal for over 300 functions, providing greater performance and better UX to the banking customer.

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    Review and Service Transition of Critical Risk Engine Platform for a Tier 1 Investment Bank

    Identifying and realising cost savings is one of the the key challenges our clients are currently dealing with. As simple cost saving strategies have already been implemented, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep meeting efficiency improvement targets. This project focused on the migration of the development and support for a critical risk platform to a low-cost location to reduce risk and costs.

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    Treasury Management – UX Design

    Powerful risk solutions are increasingly required to meet client’s immediate needs and strategic objectives across departments and locations. The Group Treasury department of this Tier 1 Bank wanted a more proactive management and optimisation of their financial resources. GFT designed an app which makes collaboration faster and reduces regulatory fines for the Treasury Management.

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    Fixed Income – Transition to near-shore application management model

    With rising pressure on bank IT infrastructure and budgets, cost reduction is at the top of the industry's agenda. As the simple strategies for efficiency improvements have already been implemented it is becoming more difficult to keep meeting the improvement targets set. Our global banking client benefited from GFT’s improved working practices and proven mix of business knowledge and software development methods.

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    Launch of an exchange traded funds platform

    When improving existing or launching new IT platforms and applications, the main focus of IT projects relies on cost and time efficiency. To keep projects in scope, banks need partners with in-depth financial services knowledge. As a sector specialist, GFT combined its knowledge of the ETF Derivative Marketplace and it's experience for high performance internet based solutions to build a bespoke IT platform that delivers enhanced liquidity, increased transparency and reduced fragmentation.

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    Platform for a new target operating model for a tier one investment bank

    Secure risk management processes are becoming more relevant to the stakeholders of a bank. Scalable, cost- and time efficient risk processes are therefore a key operational challenge for every CIO in the financial services sector. At this Tier 1 investment bank, GFT established standardised processes across the entire Credit Risk department and thereby reduced data duplication significantly.

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    Bridging the gap between regulatory change and business

    For the Royal Bank of Scotland, GFT built a comprehensive solution for the bank’s global regulatory landscape including current, emerging and retrospective legislation and obligations. In 2015, the solution won RBS the prestigious Banking and Technology Award for “best use of IT for the purposes of risk/regulatory change management” for this innovative use of technology.

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    Implementation of centralised signatures at large Spanish bank

    The banking industry is currently experiencing a perfect digital storm that will change the client interaction tremendous. Banking transactions are moving from a face-to-face interaction between the agent and the client, on to user friendly, fully digital platforms. For a large Spanish bank, GFT defined and implemented a fully compliant centralised signature process for new channels in mobile and online banking.

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    360° customer view and CRM for leading Italian insurance group

    When it comes to customer service, insurance companies are no longer competing with their traditional competitors. Customers expect a customer service on a level with the digital giants Apple, Google, Microsoft or Facebook. For this Italian insurance group, GFT built an operational CRM with a 360º customer view, campaign management functionality and customer communications based on a single source of data.