Jaime holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and has completed a postgraduate course in information management systems at CEPADE (UPM). He is an expert in delivering IT solutions in the banking sector, with 20 years of experience in investment products, wealth management, private banking and sales channels. More recently he has been involved in regulatory initiatives such MiFIDII, GDPR and PSD2. He currently supports GFT customers with the transition of IT systems to digital banking.

What is your current role at the company and what are your responsibilities?

My current role is to support clients with the process of transformation (digitalisation) by empowering them to gain a comprehensive and clear understanding not only of their business but also of new technology.
Customers greatly appreciate hearing an opinion that doesn't come down on either side of the ‘business vs. technology’ fence – taking the advantages and disadvantages of both areas into consideration at the same time.

What is most important for clients in your market area?

Clients need support with the process of understanding what is happening around them, not only within their sector of industry, but also in society as a whole. There are some factors they cannot simply turn their back on.
The things our customers currently value most are when we propose solutions that they understand and come up with concepts that fit their needs and are viable for implementation.

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Jaume Gonzalez

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Jaume González

Digital Banking Transformation Senior Consultant