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Our approach to innovation is based on the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That's why we apply open innovation to help our customers solve specific business challenges across all dimensions of digital transformation: business, technology and culture.

To promote co-creation, we bring together customers, GFT business and technology experts, partners and external consultants specialised in a particular field. Together, they become, a "dream-team" for every project.

We know innovation is fundamental to transformation, but we are also realistic. Most organizations have to approach innovation within the constraints of their legacy technology, local regulations and their ability to embrace change. And they need to solve a complex array of business challenges combining different technologies, often spanning technologies that have been implemented over many years. With this complexity, how can you deliver radical improvement?

In our experience, innovation and transformation should progress in parallel. The GFT Helix illustrates of our philosophy  - how technical innovation and digital transformation are entwined and can form a practical roadmap to a successful future. In practice, this DNA-like path is formed by multiple decisions and comprises many strands, often moving at different speeds.

And because innovation is much more than technology, the guiding principles of our approach are defined by our company values:

  • Caring: All innovation should aim to achieve a tangible benefit for the customer, for the end-user or for society as a whole.  
  • Courageous: Change involves friction and risk-taking. Challenging the status quo requires courage. Our role as innovation partners is to support our customers in their decision-making journey.
  • Collaborative: Little can be achieved alone, which is why we bring together the best qualified talents from inside and outside our company.
  • Creative: Innovation goes hand in hand with creativity. Our purpose is to open the door to new ideas and to assess their viability, both from a technological and business perspective.
  • Committed: From beginning to end, we stand by our customers and partners. We ensure quality of service and are always committed to excellence.

Above all, innovation is about people, and the way they think and work, and about taking the risk to bring new ideas to life.


Making innovation tangible

The Digital Innovation Lab in Barcelona is at the heart of GFT’s innovation landscape. It is a focal point to consolidate experience developed by GFT teams all over the world. Visitors to the Lab can interact with demos and prototypes that emulate real-life environments. The Lab is also a testing ground to explore the capabilities of new technologies and their applications in business scenarios.

Discover the GFT Digital Innovation Lab

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Being collaborative is the starting point of innovation. At the GFT Digital Innovation Lab, we bring together our experts and know-how with those of our partners. Together we ideate and build experiences that help customers envision how new technologies will shape the future of business across all industries.”
Sara Vallribera Gross-Melzer GFT Digital Innovation Lab manager

Digital Innovation Lab timeline


  • The Lab is extended to accommodate a larger industry area, featuring Google glasses and a robotic arm

  • New Diem cryptocurrency demo

  • In Covid times, the Lab continues to operate through digital sessions

  • New industry area showcasing a connected car, a model factory and DLT-based solutions



  • The Lab is recognised by CB Insights as one of the top 30 innovation labs in banking

  • Addition of Insurance Lab in Canada following GFT's acquisition of VNEO


  • Digitalisation of all Lab spaces. New retail showcasing area fitted with interactive touchpoints


  • Refurbishment of the Lab, new auditorium and co-creation areas

  • Lab network reaches Brazil

  • Insurance and private banking experiences added


  • Extension of the Lab to include two showcasing areas: home and bank branch

  • Establishment of a Lab network reaching Germany and the UK


  • Launch of Digital Innovation Lab in Barcelona


  • Lab conceptualisation

The way we work

The GFT Digital Innovation Lab follows a proven, state-of-the-art process for innovation projects. From the very first stage, we follow practices that boost creativity while maintaining focus on customer needs and business objectives. We have blended three powerful and proven metholodies - Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and Agile development - into an end-to-end innovation process that is one of the best in the market. 

GFT Innovation Methology


Discover: Identify the problems that inspire innovative solutions



Acquire better understanding of the user and the business, as well as identify the business obnectives of those in charge of the services.



Explore: Explore business goals & user needs



Findings from the previous stage allow us to set goals and start mapping the service towards meeting the needs of those involved.



Ideate: Ideate concepts for new products, services and experiences



Capture ideas, create scenarios, draw concept and storyboards that tackle specific pains and need previously identified.



Experience: Design the user experience



Define how the user interacts with the solution focusing on usability and ease of use, and breathe life into the interface with the visual identify.



Prototype & Validate: Create prototypes to validate with users



Build interactive prototypes and validate the approach by either involving potential users or through expert review of the solution.



Go Live: Scale up the solution and launch it on the market



Develop Minimum Viable Products and scale prototypes to go live, and integrate solutions to digital devices, channels and platforms.


Whether in person or through virtual sessions, customers can choose between three Lab services:

Experience Lab: focus on innovation methodology, cultural transformation, experience design, customer journeys and design thinking.

Technology Lab: leverage the Lab to evaluate fintech/start-up integration, implement and test newly launched technologies, research technology for specific use cases and learn how to scale it. 

Business Lab: the full Lab experience focusing on a specific business topic and the technologies supporting it.


The Lab in numbers

  • 50+


  • 80+

    co-creation sessions conducted

  • 120+

    customer visits

  • 33


Featured start-up partner: Hubtype

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One of the key benefits of such long-term partnership is the combination of Hubtype's state of the art conversational platform with GFT’s business knowledge and experience. Together, we are helping companies shift from traditional channels to new ones to meet their customers there.”
Marc Caballé CEO, Hubtype

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