Resultados del Banking expert survey 2017

GFT ha encuestado a profesionales de banca minorista por tercer año consecutivo. Sobre la base de 285 entrevistas, la encuesta ofrece información valiosa sobre el estado de la transformación digital, la banca como una plataforma (BaaP) y la inteligencia artificial (IA) en ocho países.

Banking expert survey 2017

On a global level, Artificial intelligence (AI) can be seen as one of the hottest topics in the financial services industry these days. The survey reveals that in large institutions the percentage of respondents who see value in AI solutions reaches 94 percent. Moreover, the Banking as a Platform (BaaP) approach with an open API business model is perceived to be a relevant criterion in order to shape the digital bank of the future.

Obviously, a considerable proportion of banks across all countries have a defined digital transformation strategy in place or are currently developing it, but what is keeping banks from implementing digital technologies within their organisation? The main challenges for banks in implementing a digital strategy are the integration of legacy systems with new technologies (59 percent), security as well as privacy implications (57 percent) and a lack of internal expertise within the organisation itself (51 percent). The key driver – especially for large, global acting banks – is the desire to satisfy the customers’ expectations in order to survive the digital transformation journey.

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