• Azure Container Apps

Azure Container Apps

Hardening of the service


Azure Container Apps offers to organisations the unique ability of advanced analysis and management of own applications based on containers at previously unseen level of advancement.

• With tools for monitoring, reporting, and scaling available within this service you can thoroughly analyse application capacity, and identify and react to potential problems in real time, which this translates into higher availability and better quality of services for users.

• Azure Container Apps enables organisations to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, offering them a competitive edge.


The use of Azure Container Apps accelerates the process for implementation of container applications.

• The service offers flexible scaling, so resources can be quickly adapted to the application needs.

• To avoid delays associated with traditional implementation methods, new functions or updates need to be quickly delivered to users.
Additionally, easy integration with developer tools, such as Azure DevOps further facilitates the implementation process.


Azure Container Apps forms an integral part of the Azure ecosystem, enabling easy integration with other services and tools available on that platform.

• You can easily combine container applications with services such as Azure Active Directory for authentication and securing access, or Azure Monitor for monitoring and reporting.

• You can build complex and consistent IT solutions that will meet the unique needs of your organisation, while maintaining the option of scaling, securing and intuitive management.

Azure Container Apps enables integration with different technologies and frameworks, so it supports complete freedom in selection of tools and technologies for development of applications.
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