• A method for simple and effective voice verification

A method for simple and effective voice verification

Improved identification, authentication and authorisation, using our physical features as a key

Improved authorisation

Voice biometry enables banks to provide better identification, authentication, and authorisation of customers. It uses unique voice characteristics to confirm their identities. By creating a unique algorithm from a voice sample, voice biometry solutions proposed by GFT compare every subsequent voice interaction, while providing appropriate control mechanisms preventing impersonation.

Applications in various areas of banking

Applications in various areas of banking: Voice biometry is used in various areas of banking, including telephone or mobile banking, and payments. Customers can authenticate their identity using their voice while calling a hotline, get access to their accounts on mobile devices, and authorise payments using their voice.

Integration with other technologies

Voice biometry can be integrated with other voice technologies, such as voice assistants, so completely touchless customer experiences can be created.