When it comes to customer service, insurance companies are no longer competing with their traditional competitors. Customers expect a customer service on a level with the digital giants Apple, Google, Microsoft or Facebook. They expect high levels of personalisation, short response times, high quality services and transparent processes. To comply with these requirements, insurers require hughe amounts of structured data in a single customer data hub, with daily and online updates. For this Italian insurance group, GFT built an operational CRM with a 360º customer view, campaign management functionality and customer communications based on a single source of data.

Consolidate customer data spread across companies of the group

  • Consolidate and clean data of over six million customers and 20 million contracts

  • Create an extended 360º customer view at group level

  • Distribute client data through CRM to sales and marketing functions and to sales network

  • Launch and monitor up-selling/cross-selling campaigns based on extended customer view

Design, development and launch of new system in record time

  • Support on several tracks: PMO, business and requirements analysis, solution design and implementation, system integration, end-users training

  • Team of 15 working alongside customer teams and partners in a 12 months project

  • Proactive controls regarding software quality, design, performance, methodology and development cycle

  • Pilot version developed in six months. First productive release six months later

360º customer view for more focused up and cross-selling strategy

  • Single customer data hub for the group with daily and online updates

  • Multichannel access with data protection rules for all actors: sales, agents and clients

  • Operational CRM with 360º customer view, campaign management functionality
    and customer communications fully integrated with transactional systems

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