The banking industry is currently experiencing a perfect digital storm that will change the client interaction tremendous. Banking transactions are moving from a face-to-face interaction between the agent and the client, on to user friendly, fully digital platforms. This enables banks on the one hand to launch new banking services (i.e. mobile P2P transactions) but also enables them to digitalise traditional banking transactions. Banking services such as account opening and mortgages haven't participated in the digital revolution so far. Electronic signatures enable financial services institutions to provide user friendly and fast processes at the fraction of the cost. For this large Spanish bank, GFT defined and implemented a fully compliant centralised signature process for new channels in mobile and online banking.

Compliance with new regulation for contract signatures in Spain

  • Create a new centralised signature architecture that meets Treasury Dept. and legal compliance requirements.
  • Revision of organisational processes and definition of new processes for contract and document signature.
  • Balance the use of existing systems and procedures with new ones.

Definition and implementation of a centralised signature process

  • Combination of deep banking knowledge and state-of-the-art technology
  • Definition of the new system architecture and procedures
  • Three-step approach on a 1 year project:
    • Conceptualisation of centralised signatures
    • Definition of requirements, analysis and design
    • Implementation of first use case
  • Reliable delivery time and quality.

Fully compliant centralised signature supporting remote channels

  • Definition of the new architecture in three layers:
    • Access channels (Online banking, branches, mobile…)
    • Orchestration layer (signature flow definitions and rules engine)
    • Service Layer (DMS, Trusted Third-party,  Tibco SOA…)
  • Introduction of a trusted third-party role into the signature process.
  • Enabling new channels for signatures in mobile and online banking.

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