The emergence of embedded banking

Financial institutions become an integral part of the working capital management at the heart of an industrial ecosystem: this is called embedded banking. Potential participants include industrial companies, banks and financial service providers, suppliers and end customers. In this embedded banking setup, the financial institution offers a marketplace/platform to connect the various trading partners and is a key player in the ecosystem.

GFT identified five trends that are driving change within industry:


Digitalisation: The industrial sector is digitising essential functions within its internal vertical operations processes and also with its partners along the horizontal value chain. This digitalisation process improves the speed, dynamics, and resiliency of business operations.

Microservices: These are becoming a mainstay in financial services by empowering companies to increase speed, predict performance and scale rapidly. To become a first-class player in this world of APIs, simple integration, and open data, financial services, firms need a software architecture that is agile, reliable and robust.

Everything as a service: The world of business is shifting from one where service supports the product, to a new paradigm in which service is the product. Leveraging pay-per-use or subscription-based models is becoming mainstream.

Exponential tech: Around the world, traditional manufacturing is experiencing a digital transformation, accelerated by exponentially growing technologies, for example, 3D printing, sensor technology, AI, robotics, drones and nanotechnology. These technologies are driving personalised solutions, flexibility and cost savings in many industrial processes.

Platform as a business model: Platforms throughout the consumer and industrial world are uniting customers in a single functional ecosystem. As a result, new business models evolve that create value by facilitating exchanges between two or more interdependent groups: usually consumers and producers.

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