Put your data to work

Data is the lifeblood of commerce. All organisations ingest increasing quantities of data from multiple sources and in different formats. All of this data must be turned into a useable format for analysis and consumption.

Good data engineering is critical to transform raw, shapeless data into a consistent structure, ready for use by data scientists and throughout the organisation. Data engineering is the first step towards turning data into knowledge and ultimately into business information.

As data increases in volume and complexity, all organisations need to develop a data architecture that is aligned to the business strategy and objectives. The aim of data engineering is to prepare the organisation to source, store, manage and distribute more data, without the need for frequent projects and with no interruption to business as usual.

Why data engineering

Structured data means business

Harness the power of your data and turn it into actionable business insight.

Manage more data across functions

Good data engineering helps you ingest, sore and manage a growing volume of data and turn it into business intelligence.

Integrate external datasets into your business

By adopting a strategic approach to data you can make better decisions based on the optimal mix of internal and external data.

A strategic approach to data is increasingly critical to business success. Data engineering empowers an organisation to handle an increasing volume of data and to turn this into actionable business insight.”
Simon Romp Head of Digital Transformation
Simon Romp 2021

Why choose GFT as strategic partner

A track record of engineering excellence

GFT has unique data engineering experience. We can help you design and build a data architecture and operating platform that can turn your data into business insight leading to quicker, smarter decisions.

Industry insight and specialist knowledge

We’ve helped several major banks adopt a strategic approach to their data, which enables them to integrate data from external and internal sources, leading to better, quicker decisions.

Cross-functional mixed shore delivery success

GFT can help you deliver a data architecture that is aligned to your strategic goals and ambition. Our unique mix of business and technology skills in near-shore and onshore locations makes us your ideal partner for a data transformation.

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