At GFT, I could do anything I wanted to. Officially, I finally became the head of the AI practice - a group of experts who have an impact on the development of projects and training of employees in this area. Unofficially, I became a Python guru. And I came to GFT on April’s Fools day as a .NET programmer…”
Maciej Nowicki Head of AI Practice

Into the unknown parts of the tech ocean

I started my adventure at GFT on April 1, 2016 as a .NET programmer. I entered the office perfectly aware what day it was - I was afraid that a positive recruitment result was some kind of April’s Fool’s joke and I will find the office shut. The reality turned out to be different - I found myself in a place where people want and can develop themselves, where everyone is willing to share their knowledge and can attack unknown regions of the ocean of technology.

The best proof of that is the fact that after merely 2 months, I was invited to work on an internal project carried out by GFT UK, aimed at creating a framework that makes it easier for Python programmers to use advanced calculation optimization methods. During that time, I got to know the ins and outs of Python, combined Python with CUDA technology, touched upon the BigData theme, explored the secrets of algorithmic differentiation (the foundations of Deep Learning) and learned how the process of investment risk management in banks looks like. After the project was completed in mid-2018, I turned my attention to two other growing topics - cloud and artificial intelligence - and my close acquaintance with Python was a perfect match.

For the next 6 months, I had the pleasure to participate in the first commercial AI project realized by GFT Poland and one of the first cloud projects realized in cooperation with Google. Practical experience and the huge community built in GFT around the cloud made it much easier for me to obtain the GCP Architect certification.

Currently, in addition to my daily design duties, I run the AI practice at GFT. On the one hand, it brings together people interested in this subject and helps them develop and exchange experiences, and on the other hand, it works closely with business. We determine the direction of development and provide substantive support in conversations with clients, often suggesting creative and unconventional solutions to problems.