You want an optimized shopfloor?

With our services we enable transparent processes thanks to visualisations of entire machine lines. We offer different solutions for connecting machines of any make or age to an IoT platform like sphinx open online.

You wish for more productivity?

The potential to be exploited is great. Production costs will be cut and quality as well as reliability will be enhanced.

You are looking for an experienced partner?

We're implementing digital technology, offering smart services, delivering innovative software and connecting machines and other things through the internet.

Consulting services

Industry - Consulting services

In order to successfully master the task of digital transformation, it is very important to have the support of experts who know the challenges of production, offer best practices for the industry and respond to the specific needs of customers. As your partner, GFT can help you develop a digitization strategy and manage the challenges of the digitalisation.


IoT Management

Industry - IoT Management

Using IoT on the shopfloor offers you enormous benefits: You can gain more transparency when it comes to operating the entire machinery whereby optimization potential can be found and utilized step by step. In this way you can reduce production costs while improving quality and supplier reliability.


Our passion: Linking lean management and Industry 4.0

Machine expertise and understanding of issues in production

For any machine type as basis for horizontal & vertical integration

Lean & shopfloor management, process optimisation

Data visualisations in different fields of application

Experts in regulatory requirements to security concepts

Our approach includes both people and processes


A smart factory for GS Metaal

Achieve clarity and structure in production by simplifying and synchronising information flows and eliminating purely paper-based systems. Single-source-of-truth solutions add transparency and ease the burden on staff, with all key data at your fingertips in real time. Scheduling becomes simple rather than a time-consuming chore marked by uncertainty.

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Networked machine park for a SME

React flexible to changing demands of customers through a well-managed shopfloor that provides total transparency. Choosing the right software solution after analyzing the processes by experienced consultants enables an increase of efficiency that leads to productivity enhancement – saving time and money on the long run.

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Mathias Teufel

Senior Account Manager, GFT Technologies SE

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Innovation through technology and smarter production processes

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