The benefits of cloud computing are huge and include reduced capital expenditures, ongoing cost reductions and scalability. However, moving to the cloud is challenging even if it is also an opportunity to transform the way banks deliver business value to their stakeholders. By moving an existing system that was computer-intensive, time-critical and entailed a high cost of ownership, GFT achieved massive performance improvements for this tier 1 bank, taking it from an on-premise solution to a native cloud. GFT’s big data capabilities on the Google Cloud Platform improved performance by a factor of 24. In the meantime, the native cloud solution is four times cheaper than the previous on-premise solution.


  • Quantify the business benefits of moving an existing, computer-intensive, time-critical solution with a high cost of ownership solution from an on-premise system to a native cloud
  • Define the migration strategy for moving an on-premise solution to the cloud
  • Deploy existing on-premise code to the cloud without redevelopment
  • Benchmark costs, agility and performance as appropriate


  • Select the right public cloud vendor - Google Cloud Platform
  • Use GFT Cloud Technology Sandbox for solution implementation
  • Pull together an onshore and nearshore team of cloud engineers and architects
  • Use GFT reference data architecture to define architecture and the migration strategy
  • Demonstrate end-to-end solution to the client through workshops and close interaction


  • Massive performance improvements – the native cloud solution is 24 times faster than the on-premise system
  • Improved agility versus the on-premise solution
  • Huge cost savings by moving to the cloud, with almost zero redevelopment costs for lift and shift
  • The native cloud solution is four times cheaper than the existing on-premise solution
  • Step-by-step migration from on-premise to an elastic cloud
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