Insurance companies all over the world are facing an increased number of claims in a variety of different forms. Many are still using ageing, inflexible claim and policy systems to run their core business processes. Enhancing the customer experience through a simplified claims management process is a challenge faced by many international insurance companies. Working alongside EY, GFT built a single multi-role application to cover the entire process, also improving data quality and tightening anti-fraud detection for this leading international insurer.


Implementation of a single multi-role claims management application

  • A leading international insurance group operating in the Italian general insurance market decided to introduce a uniform application for claims management
  • Collaboration between EY and GFT. EY (primary contractor) provided consultancy services while GFT was asked to manage technical implementation


Agile project management and smart sourcing

  • Manage all technical aspects relating to the project: overall design, planning, integration, configuration and data migration
  • Large project team (>20 FTEs), combining on-site and offshore resources (75% on site)
  • Team using agile methods with several other key players: business analysts, business experts, other IT teams provided by the client, Guidewire professional services
  • Project scheduled to last 18 months


Enhanced customer experience through simplified claims process

  • A single multi-role application covering the entire process
  • Improved data quality and availability for enhanced evaluation, analysis and anti-fraud detection
  • Increased business agility with better capabilities to maintain processes, roles and rules
  • Support for the digital transformation process with a service-ready backend
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