Migration in a record time, only 2 months to go live

Immediate cloud platform benefits

Opportunity for more agile innovations


Perform the migration of the current core system to the cloud with zero risk and downtime negative impact on the operation

  • On-premises software: even running well, the on-premises system has a series of challenges, such as high cost in management, more complex financial management, difficulty in gaining scale, difficult adaptation of database modeling


Strategic definition of the best architecture for migration and involvement of the team and ideal partner for the project

  • Connected team: high quality development team, working 100% in home-office during the pandemic
  • Definition of cloud platform: definition of AWS as the ideal partner, not only as a supplier but also as a strategic partner
  • Agile implementation plan: definition of the objectives and migration plan to reach the minimum term


Migration performed in a record time of 2 months and with the immediate benefits of a cloud platform

  • Compliance: evolution of compliance in accreditation
  • Security: more robust security systems in line with GDPR
  • Better consumer experience: Increase in SLA
  • Managing made easier: agile adaptation of database modeling and interactive dashboar.
  • New products: innovation based on new services compositions
  • Cost reduction: moving from Oracle Enterprise to RDS Oracle STD bring economy of millions of dollars related to licencing costs and maintenance.


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Carlos Kazuo Missao

Business Director