Cost savings in IT and operations

Project delivered in 5 months by 2 GFT FTEs

Greater customer satisfaction

Deliver digital onboarding for the bank´s global mobile application

  • Enabled the use of high-quality/high volume images to support digital onboarding
  • Use visual recognition algorithms and artificial intelligence to improve image parameters, including brightness, focus, noise reduction and smearing
  • Deliver a solution that facilitates the efficient management of high volumes in short packages to support mobile applications
  • Build on a ‘future-proof” componentised architecture that can be reused

A strategic project spanning WebAssembly, visual analysis, user experience evaluation and advanced technologies

  • A hands-on approach including, on-site UX/UI workshop, visual analysis of images, user experience evaluation and user interface mock-up to improve customer navigation.
  • Extensive use of state-of-the-art technologies: WebAssembly, to reduce the code packages and accelerate the speed of the mobile component; artificial vision algorithms based on OpenCv to improve images; web components to facilitate code reuse
  • Adopting OpenCv as a proven technology, sophisticated algorithms enable continual fine tuning of images, including brightness evaluation and adjustment, ratio assessment, and a normalised scoring system to control image quality   
  • An optimised application with a code size of less than 2 MB compiled through WebAssembly
  • Processing large and increasing volumes of high quality images within a web component in Polymer

A cost-effective, streamlined onboarding process that improves the user experience

  • The new solution supports the bank´s reputation at the forefront of digital innovation
  • Customer onboarding is simplified, the user experience transformed and the bank can onboard more customers, improving overall user experience and customer satisfaction through faster image capture (less than 1 sec)
  • Processing costs are reduced through increased automation and the new solution is integrated into the Polymer and LitElement web component framework of the bank
  • Project completed by 2 FTEs in 5 months
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