The highligths of our solution

Compliance with GDPR regulation

Better targeted marketing campaigns

Creation of a customer golden record to be used across the company


Adopting a strategic approach to data rights
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seeks to ensure the fair and proper use of information about people
  • In financial institutions, data protection is fundamental to innovation and building customer trust – people must be sure their data is not being misused and under GDRP, data breaches carry massive fines and huge reputational risk
  • This leading insurer needed a single data rights solution that consolidated data held on multiple systems across the enterprise


The need for a customer golden record
  • The  unique portal collates data from six disparate sources to provide a single version of the truth
  • GFT built the solution on Informatica MDM, which manages data around the 'data subject' using a definition of rules that are aligned with GDPR compliance requirements
  • Data recorded includes: personal data, records of consent, reference keys of source systems, references of external sources related to the data subject
  • The solution also manages data subject access requests and offers a full audit trail of data rights interactions


GDPR compliance assured
  • The company has a single, secure repository for all data rights information that enables GDPR compliance and can be easily adapted to meet evolving data rights requirements
  • With a consolidated source of data rights information the company can be confident that is is GDPR compliant and can demonstrate this if required

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