Reduce contact query volumes by offering WhatsApp as new customer support channel

  • Direct non-transactional customer calls about mortgages and personal loans initially to a chatbot to improve response time and reduce costs
  • Optimise customer experience by leveraging the familiarity of WhatsApp to offer a new support channel
  • Analyse customer communication using natural language processing


End-to-end project covering use case identification/prioritisation, proof of value, strategic conversational architecture, design, implementation, integration and deployment

  • As a result of an ongoing collaboration at Bankia’s AI lab, GFT proposed WhatsApp as potential customer channel
  • The aim was to automate regular customer service enquiries about mortgages and personal loans, with optional human backup when needed
  • GFT worked with the bank to implement a WhatsApp Enterprise chatbot agent capable of offering mortgage simulation, property valuation and to transfer the chat to a customer support agent when needed
  • The solution uses Hubtype and Dialogflow


A permanent gain in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction improved

  • Contacting the bank is easier than ever for customers and prospects
  • Reduction in agents’ idle time, allowing them to answer queries in an asynchronous channel familiar to customers
  • Zero abandonment rate as all cases are attended to and customers receive an answer 24/7 through the chatbot, even when the contact centre is unavailable
  • High levels of customer satisfaction with an average of 9.1 stars (out of 10)
  • Bankia has taken this opportunity to increase customer engagement and grow the lifetime value of its customers
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