Smart energy management

Control CO2 emissions, cut energy costs and reach your sustainability goals
Build a more sustainable business

How can you quantify your energy efficiency and CO2 emissions?

GFT energy management solution

Start monitoring your sustainability performance

Cut costs, improve efficiency

Prevent energy fluctuations

Control your CO2 emissions

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Avoiding costly peaks in demand
Energy prices continue to rise and peak loads can quickly become a very expensive headache. For a company, exceeding contractually agreed base loads by just a single megawatt can drive up electricity costs by a six-figure number.

A step-by-step approach

Take energy management to the next level

Step 1

Monitor and analyse

Step 2

Predict and prescribe

Step 3

Optimise and control

Dr Lukas Lutz
Head of Global Business Development
GFT Technologies SE
sphinx open online - the key to a sustainable business
GFT’s energy management solution builds on sphinx open online. Be empowered by a holistic model of your energy environment that includes all generators and consumers. You can also harness the power of artificial intelligence to build a smart, autonomous energy management system.
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Research project
ArePron with sphinx open online
GFT is engaged in various research projects, one of these is the German transfer project ArePron. It is about increasing the resource efficiency of industrial production processes through intelligent, agile and cross located networks and continuous monitoring of entire production systems using Industry 4.0 technologies. The research results have been summarized in a practical guide.
Download the practical guide to resource efficiency in production
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Dr Lukas Lutz
Head of Global Business Development