Connecting business digital transformation with your legacy IT modernisation journey

Financial institutions cannot wait to reshape or completely rebuild their platforms because it could quite simply be too late. But what about using the digital transformation journey to enrich functional capabilities and at the same time transform legacy systems and significantly reduce running costs?

Disruption and uncertainty are a new normal for many enterprises. Opening up their services to third parties using digital models facilitates new and better business deliverables, but raises the risk of losing control over the usage of their infrastructure and therefore, from its capacity management, leading to potential costs increase specially in very rigid backends like the mainframe.

Continuous observation and forecasting of new channel behaviours, in terms of volume and operations being executed, becomes critical for cost optimisation because historical consumption patterns are no longer valid.  Financial institutions cannot afford not to embrace digital transformation in the quest to delight existing customers and win over prospects with new products and new experiences.

But they also need to progress on their IT landscape modernisation agenda to meet the pace demanded by the market and at a sustainable cost to stay ahead of traditional and new competitors mid and long term. By minimising the impact of additional operational costs caused by new business models, enterprises can optimise results and enjoy a competitive advantage.

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