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A smarter approach to compliance

Regulation is a major cost of doing business in many industries. Within financial services, the pace of regulatory change has accelerated and legislation is increasing in both volume and complexity. Legislative imperatives, such as MiFiD II, GDPR, and SFTR place a huge burden on financial institutions regarding data provenance and data quality. All financial institutions must store and manage an increasing volume of data.

Storing large amounts of data requires a robust infrastructure but firms also need to review the coverage, provenance and cleanliness of their data. This requires rigorous business processes to ensure strong data governance and to facilitate analysis of the data.   

Maintaining regulatory compliance is essential to stay in business, but it is also a costly distraction from core activities and is rarely a sustainable source of competitive advantage.

New technologies, including DLT, cloud, artificial intelligence, and big data offer a smarter approach to regulatory compliance. RegTech solutions can increase automation and control across all areas of compliance with full traceability for audit purposes.

Why stick to regulation & compliance

Attain a permanent licence to operate

Leverage new technologies to insulate your business from regulatory change and maintain full traceability for audit purposes.

A sustainable approach to compliance

Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance requires perseverance and ongoing commitment. By adopting modern technologies, an organisation can adopt a sustainable approach to compliance based on automation and control.

Switch to real-time technology

RegTech enables you to build a structured data pipeline so you can store, manage and analyse large amounts of data in real time, for automated risk and regulatory reporting.

Regulatory compliance is more of a journey than a destination. Ultimately it’s all about the ability to store, manage and analyse large amounts of data. GFT has the right technology and business expertise to automate a great deal of data management processes, offering a more sustainable approach to compliance.”
Alpesh Tailor Executive Director

Why choose GFT as strategic partner

The right mix of regulatory and technology know-how

GFT can help firms boost their regulatory agility. By adopting a strategic, sustainable approach to compliance, you can reduce compliance costs by around 50% through increased automation and robust data Management.

Building a sustainable data pipeline

With core capabilities firmly rooted in data solutions and modern technologies we can help clients in all areas of regulatory compliance.

Boost compliance efficiency with cloud and blockchain

GFT has a successful track record of delivering innovative, agile solutions in the regulatory space and is your ideal RegTech Partner.

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Data Quality

Data Governance

Data Quality

Data Governance